Skilled Labor Shortage in the Construction Industry Today

The United States is facing a growing shortage of skilled construction workers – the gap is expected to approach 2 million by 2018. Indeed, the latest Associated General Contractors of America survey has found that 83% of construction firms are having trouble finding qualified workers. And the challenge to employers is compounded by the 17% of skilled workers who will retire in coming years.

For their part, disadvantaged workers often cannot afford simple costs such as initiation fees, tools, boots or other necessities that they need to enter apprenticeship training.

Skills Build Us! – The Nation’s Construction Apprentice Assistance Program – helps address both the construction industry’s need for qualified, diverse workers and the financial needs that, if unmet, can block disadvantaged workers, women and veterans from apprenticeship training. The program is designed to help disadvantaged workers, including those who are homeless, emancipated foster youth, residents of public housing and others, overcome barriers.

By ensuring the availability of the next generation of skilled workers – and by removing the financial barriers that bar disadvantaged workers, women and veterans from high-wage construction careers – the program is a win-win for everyone.

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